Pre-Holiday Giveaway: 5 #1s

I’m giving away 5 first volumes of various manga series!

You can win:

Voice Over! Seiyu Academy #1
Tiger & Bunny #1
The Beautiful Skies of Houou High #1
The Empty Empire #1
Alice in the Country of Clover #1

Just leave a comment here mentioning any manga you would most like to get (or give) as a holiday present for entry.

Edited to add:

All 5 volumes will go to one winner, selected at random.

Giveaway will be open for 1 week, will announce the winners on Monday in 8 days.

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  1. I’d like to get from Santa this year Tiger & Bunny vol 1, it’s a series I’ve heard a lot about in 2013 but have yet to check it out 🙂

  2. I would like to get this manga to expand my horizon The Empty Empire but if I can’t get that I want to have Alice in the Country of Clover for a gift my friend who loves this manga series.

  3. I’d like to get “Voice Over! Seiyu Academy.” I enjoyed reading S.A and can’t wait to read this series.

  4. Since I’ve heard good things about Voice Over, I’d like a shot of that. Alice in the Country of Clover mostly out of morbid curiosity about the Alice franchise would be another choice.

  5. Of those, I’d like to get Voice Over the most.

    When it comes to gift giving though, I’d want to give a Moto Hagio title, either Drunken Dream or Heart of Thomas. It’d be another sale for a fantastic book and it’s physically gorgeous, so it’s good gift giving quality on top of it, good choice all around!

  6. I’d love to get the volumes of Black Jack I’m missing for a holiday gift! XD Or maybe more realistically, that new Uzumaki hardcover that just came out.

    As for what I’d give someone else, I think the Nausicaa box set would make a fantastic gift. Not only is the manga beautiful, but it’s great to display as well!

  7. I’d like to get Sunny vol. 2 and I’d like to give Thermae Romae vol. 1

  8. ANY manga? I’ve gotten most of the ones that I know about that I’ve was really eager to try, but I have heard good things about Attack on Titan, so I’d be interested to check that out at some point.

  9. Hmmmm, I know i’ll be getting the Magi volumes avaible so far, as the anime’s been a good watch. Also need to buy more Psyren volumes. Though I normally just get anything that looks interesting on impulse ^_^ (not the best thing to do…)

  10. I’d most likely love to receive copies of Chihayafuru, and wouldn’t even care which language they’re in… I just want them! If I were to give any one manga to another person, I’d probably gift them Bunny Drop. While Ouran High School Host Club is ultimate favorite, Bunny Drop is a close second, and I believe it’s a story that anyone appreciate.

  11. Any of them would be good for my daughter and me. She’d probably like Bunny Drop.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  12. I’d love to get the Soulless manga or the A Bride’s Story volumes I don’t have. I’ve been meaning to buy them for awhile, but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.

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