Late Sunday Final Round-Up

It is the last round-up post of the Shojo Beat Manga Moveable feast! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Manga Xanadu looks at the first five volumes of gender-based comedy series Otomen. Lori thinks the series is enjoyable due to the cast of characters, especially the male lead Asuka, “I really enjoy the role reversal that Kanno has created with Asuka. He is very much the shojo lead, as all his inner thoughts and turmoil are shared with the reader. He even blushes a lot like most shojo leads. I really love Asuka’s dichotomy of still being a man while having all of these traditionally female hobbies. If only more men could be like him.”

Otaku Ohana examines an author we haven’t seen reviewed during this particular feast yet – Kaori Yuki. He looks at Grand Guignol Orchestra, even including a handy visual comparison with other Shojo Beat titles. He writes of this manga, “If it was an actual person, it would have a dark cloud hovering over it at all times, sulking off in the corner with Depeche Mode playing on the stereo.”

I continue my Arina Tanemura binge and read the first four volumes of Full Moon O Sagashite, which pulls off the feat of featuring a story about a dying heroine without getting on my nerves for being too sentimental.

October’s feast will be hosted by Chic Pixel and will focus on the thematically appropriate topic of Vampire manga!

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