Friday Evening Shojo Beat Roundup

What are your weekend manga reading plans? I’m going to see if I can get through the entire Full Moon series. We’ll see if that happens. Here are some end of the week Shojo Beat reviews and commentary.

Chic Pixel writes about one of her favorite overlooked series, Meru Puri. She says, “in all honestly, MeruPuri is simply very appealing fluff.” There’s nothing wrong with appealing fluff!

Lori writes about newer title Jiu Jiu over at Manga Village, concluding “While I didn’t really care for Jiu Jiu on the first read, a second read for this review has made me think I should give it a second chance. With all the reflection over (hopefully), and Takamichi, Snow and Night now a team, there can be some actual story going forward.”

Manga Therapy ponders the eternal debate “Are cats better than dogs?” in a Natsume’s Book of Friends post.

Kelakgandy writes about Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Volume 10, paying particular attention to the excellent female characters in the manga.

Kelakgandy also shares a Shojo Beat license request list with a variety of interesting choices. I will always vote for more Demon Sacred!

I take a look at my two favorite two volume Shojo Beat series, Flower in a Storm and Sugar Princess: Skating to Win.

Shojo Corner posts an appreciation of the main couple from Lovely Complex, Risa and Otani.

I’ve been happy to see participation from some blogs I wasn’t terribly familiar with before! I think I’m all caught up on round-up posts, but please let me know if I forgot to include anything.

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