Wednesday Evening Shojo Beat Round-up

I started off my day with a discussion with fellow bloggers from Manga Xanadu and Heart of Manga!

Anna from Tokyojupiter was prompted to write a response post about a Shojo Beat title she doesn’t really care for, Honey Hunt, saying “In Honey Hunt, Aihara has managed to write a story where I found myself not caring about any of the characters. With Hot Gimmick, I still cared about whom Hatsumi ended up with, not so with Yura. All of Yura’s choices seemed equally awful to me, especially since none of them were really concerned about her as a person, but what she represented and what she could do for them.”

There’s a review of A Devil and Her Love Song on Good Comics for Kids from Lori, “A Devil and Her Love Song pairs up two tropes of shojo manga, the new girl who tries hard to make friends and the girl who’s sharp-tongued and difficult to get along with, and does so surprisingly well.”

Also, check out Manga Critic’s take on volume 4 of A Devil and Her Love Song!

Lori reviews Wanted Volume 1 at Manga Xanadu for Talk Like a Pirate day!

Experiments in Manga explores the melancholic Sand Chronicles.

Organization ASG explores Skip Beat Volume 3.

I reviewed the first four volumes of Gentlemen’s Alliance +

That’s it for Wednesday!!!

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