Tuesday Morning Shojo Beat Posts

Today we have a great look at the paranormal romance series Yurara from Anna at Tokyo Jupiter, Yurara and the Problems of a Supernatural Love Polygon. Anna writes “In this shojo series, the relationships are further complicated because the two boys, Yako and Mei, are competing for the love of Yurara, their classmate and Yurara, the guardian spirit that possesses and protects her. It’s stories such as these that are the reason why I can’t ever give up shojo manga. As if teenage love wasn’t complicated enough without adding a ghost into the mix.”

Lissa at Kuriosity takes a look at the fourth volume of the quirky series A Devil and Her Love Song, saying “What I loved most about the change in people’s attitudes here (aside from the huge relief it was to see Maria get some widespread support) was how it’s slowly begun to showcase individuals in the class who’ve never had a voice, or even a name, before. Just looking at the back cover of this volume introduces us to a whole new group of people with unique designs, personalities and roles in the class.”

Over at OrganizationASG, Justin asks what Shojo Beat manga he should start reading?

I’m giving away a copy of Shojo Beat title Ai Ore Volume 1!

That’s it for this morning! Remember if you have older posts that you would like included in the Shojo Beat Manga Moveable feast archive, send them my way.

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