Wall of Shojo Beat

For Day 1 of the Manga Moveable Feast, I decided to determine how many volumes of Shojo Beat manga I have by pulling everything off the shelves and stacking them up!

wall of shojo beat

I figured this would have an added benefit of helping me consolidate series when I put everything back, as I am not terribly organized when it comes to my personal library. One of the things that struck me when I was pulling volumes was how many series I had that predated the imprint, and are thus not included in this photo. Hana Kimi is currently being reprinted under the Shojo Beat line, so I could have pulled that. Other great pre-Shojo Beat series also include Boys Over Flowers and Kare First Love. I’ve sold off some series I thought I wouldn’t read again, and I have some volumes of manga in storage, so the total for the Shojo Beat manga I have readily available in my house is in the 200+ volumes range which is actually much less than I thought!

How many Shojo Beat volumes do you have?

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  1. Needless to say, I do not have large a collection of Shojo Beat titles lol. My only saving grace however, in this case, is I have the VIZBIG editions of Fushigi Yugi (all six), so I think the size alone helps…ok maybe not xD I also have a few other Shojo Beat titles like Oresama Teacher and Dawn of Arcana, but as always, I’m still lacking in Shoujo >_<

  2. I think I have more shojo printed under the old shojo line than the shojo beat line (it’s that pink logo…)
    For old shojo line: 49 vols
    For shojo beat line: 29 vols

  3. Wow.. and this is not even counting the omnibus reprints.. but yeah.. thinking about a “Shonen Jump” wall and turning pale.. hmmm might have to go and look at Bookoff or a Japanese fan’s bookshelf.

    • Staring at my own collection.. outside of Arina Tanemura, my own Shojo Beat collection that I continue to keep is relatively small.. good graces of the library to fund my reading of Shojo Beat titles. ^_^

  4. I would have a much smaller Shonen Jump wall if I were to try to round up all of those manga 🙂


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