Call for Participation: Shojo Beat Manga Moveable Feast

I’m excited to host a Manga Moveable Feast focusing on Shojo Beat from September 16th-22nd. I have a ton of manga in my house, but I probably have more Shojo Beat manga than any other imprint from a particular publisher. Take a look at the Shojo Beat series listing on Viz Media if you aren’t sure which series are included in the Shojo Beat imprint. Since this is a very large group of manga to draw from, I’m going to include some possible ideas for posts:

Old School Shojo Beat: The imprint has been around for a few years, and there may be some series that you’ve missed. Check out older Shojo Beat titles like Crimson Hero, Absolute Boyfriend, Baby and Me, or Full Moon.

Current Shojo Beat Reviews: Review currently releasing series like Oresama Teacher, Dengeki Daisy, Dawn of the Arcana, or Kamisama Kiss.

Shojo Beat Authors: Some authors have multiple series published under the Shojo Beat imprint. How about a post about Yuu Watase, Matsuri Hino, Miki Aihara, or Arina Tanemura

Most Criminally Overlooked Shojo Beat title: Not all series end up on the New York Times Manga Bestseller’s list. Why not write an appreciation post (Kaze Hikaru) for a manga (Kaze Hikaru) that doesn’t get the hype it deserves (Kaze Hikaru). (This could be a series other than Kaze Hikaru, I’m just very partial to it.)

Shojo Beat Mangazine Nostalgia post: Dig up your copies of Shojo Beat magazine and flip through them, remembering the days when we actually had a print magazine devoted to shojo manga.

As for what I’m planning myself, aside from the usual MMF hosting duties I might do a round-up post focusing on some of the fun two volume Shojo Beat series, as well as full reviews of some of the Arina Tanemura manga that I’ve been hoarding but haven’t reviewed yet. If anyone would want to join in on a Shojo Beat discussion post during the week, please let me know and I will put that together. If you would like to participate but don’t have your own blog, let me know and I can host your post.

Submissions can be sent to me at
Twitter hashtag for this feast is #shojobeatmmf
Archive page for the feast is here:

I’m looking forward to the feast later this month, and I hope you are too!

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  1. Sweetpea616 says

    I think I’m going to have to tell my editor I’m totally going in on this ^.^ Unfortuantely, not on Kaze Hikaru, because while my library did have the first three volumes, those volumes were also missing a number of pages >.>

  2. Shojo beat magazine were awesome. when I bought my first copy I was hooked, I wanted to bash my head n for not geting into It sooner.


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