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When Jmanga was announced, one of the things I was hoping for from the online manga company was more josei manga, since it does seem to struggle a bit sales-wise in print format. So it is nice to see that Jmanga is featuring josei and romance titles in a promotion. They’ve been adding some harlequin manga I haven’t read yet to their online library, which I plan to review in a little bit. So read on below for full details:

Get 100 points back on all Josei/Romance purchases!
Sign up now and get up to 4500 POINTS!, the first official and legal manga portal website, will be holding a special campaign from March 15th to 21st (PST). Subscribers who purchase any Josei/Romance titles during the promotion will get 100 points back (up to 29% off) per volume!

Now is the perfect chance to check out such romance manga titles as “The Celebrity Doctor’s Proposal” by Sarah Morgan / Masami Hoshino, “The Bride of Montefalco” by Rebecca Winters / Kiriko Higashizato, and yaoi romance such as “Pet on Duty” by Nase Yamato and “Dash!” by Isaku Natsume.

You must be a subscriber in order to purchase manga on JManga, but during this promotion will be offering a special sign-up bonus of up to 4500 points! Don’t miss this chance to get the romance manga you need. continuously strives to offer the widest selection of legal online manga available, from major to niche, shonen to shojo and yuri to yaoi/BL!

100 Points Back on all Josei Romance Manga Purchases!!
Date:March15th through 21st in2012(PST)
1. Purchase any Josei/Romance titles and get 100 POINTS BACK per volume.
2. Sign up for a paid subscription and get up to 4500 POINTS!!

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