Everyone’s Getting Married, Vol. 6

Everyone’s Getting Married, Volume 6 by Izumi Miyazono

I read each volume of this series with an increasing sense of tension, because as the romance between successful businesswoman and wanna be homemaker Asuka and famed broadcaster Ryu continues to develop, I grow more and more worried that this josei romance series isn’t going to have a happy ending. Even when seeing the couple continue to evolve and grow within their seemingly incompatible relationship, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Both characters have such well-reasoned and firmed opinions towards marriage, and I don’t want to see either of them change without a ton of narrative justification. It’s tricky to pull off this undercurrent of tension in a romance manga, but Miyazono does this so well.

There were many entertaining and sometimes infuriating moments in this volume of Everyone’s Getting Married. On the infuriating side, Kamiya continues his pursuit of Asuka in a fashion that is somewhat stalker-like, when he shows up as she is visiting her parents. It turns out that Kamiya is an acquaintance of Asuka’s father, so while him showing up isn’t as creepy as it could be, it is still plenty uncomfortable. One quick scene I enjoyed shows how much Asuka has idealized her image of family life, but when she talks with her mother about her own choices her mother reveals that she was initially planning on working after marriage but then changed her mind after having children. She comments “Every new person who came into my life took precedence, and my original plan kept getting pushed back.” The contrast between Asuka’s single-minded mission to become a homemaker and her mother’s reflection about pushing aside her desires but still wanting to do the best for her family was interesting, and I’m hoping that Asuka will ponder this more in later volumes.

Asuka and Ryu are closer than ever at the end of the volume, but with his job making it impossible for him to date someone in public and Kamiya’s habit of showing up wherever the couple goes, I sense a confrontation happening in the future. I’m hoping for a happy ending, but I’m genuinely not sure how it is going to happen, which makes this one of the more compelling romance manga that I’ve read recently.

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