Master Keaton Volume 1 Giveaway!

I have an extra copy of Master Keaton, so I’m going to give it away!

Leave a comment with the profession you would use as your back-up job while spending most of your time globetrotting on action-packed insurance investigations!

Professor? Etsy Crafter? Bike messenger? Foghat roadie??

Contest will be open for one week!

US residents only please.

Commenter #5, Angel won the giveaway! Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!

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  1. Matthew Haasch says

    Coupon Clipper <3

  2. Eheh… I wish I could have a job that would allow me to travel the globe!

    I probably would be a translator. Learn lots of languages by immersion and then learn the details, and then translate professionally when proficient.

  3. Radio DJ! XD

  4. My job would be a musician, but I’d also play at a lot of fighting game tournaments to make money on the side.

  5. Being one of those celebrity chefs or foodies who get paid to travel the world eating and writing/filming about, like Anthony Bourdain. Hey, a guy can dream.

    Best and keep on blogging.

  6. Iyasu Nagata says

    I would confiscate insurance scammers’ tools of deception, disassemble them, and use the parts to make funny figures and toys. Then I’d sell them online or trade them for useful things.

  7. I would become a travel writer and write about all the places that I’m going to on my insurance investigations!

  8. A journalist who, under the guise of a mysterious pseudonym, makes cartoon strips based off observations or events occurring in each of the countries she visits! A back-up job to that back-up job would be doing caricatures as a masked street artist while also accepting tips for my acro-cat’s tricks.

  9. Photojournalist!

  10. A mangaka because you can still draw while globetrotting on assignments. xD

  11. The winner is commenter #5, Angel!!!!!

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