Yumi Tamura Manga Moveable Feast

I am very excited about the Yumi Tamura Manga Moveable Feast happening this week! Basara is one of my favorite manga, and I would love to see more work by Tamura translated into English. I’m planning on getting back on my Basara reread campaign that I let lapse previously, but I thought I would do a mini-roundup of some of my previous posts that covered some of her works.

Chicago – complete with cello technique critique!
Basara 1 and 2
Basara 3 and 4
Basara 5 and 6
Basara 7 and 8
Basara 9 and 10
Basara 11 and 12

I feel like I’m going to spend a portion of this week vainly wishing that someone would license Tamura’s 7 Seeds for English publication, but I will also put my slightly mournful feelings aside and dive back into Basara, which is always a rewarding reading experience.

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  1. Lol, your cello annoyance reminds me of the juggling annoyance I felt when watching Kaleido Star. Loved the show, but oh man, the juggling techniques, items, practicality of juggling lightweight wine glasses in numbers above the existing record with a number that changed between shots, it just hurt my brain.


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