07 Ghost Vol 1 Giveaway

I have an extra copy of 07 Ghost #1, so I thought I would start off the new year with a giveaway!

To win, just comment on this post with your favorite manga or reading related gift you got (or got yourself) for the holidays!

One of my favorite self-gifted manga was the Nausicaa Box Set from Viz, it is a real treat. It isn’t often that manga feels like a luxury item, but this is a definite “treat yourself” type of item.

I also treated myself during the Viz Digital Sale and bought myself a large portion of the middle volumes of Kekkaishi, which is an excellent series that I’ve always meant to read more of.

I got a kindle paperwhite for Hanukkah, and I have been enjoying reading ebooks on it! I have a first generation iPad and the contrast in weight between the two devices is really quite staggering.

Giveaway will be open for one week!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Ooh, the Nausicaa box set sounds really cool! I got The Art of the Mass Effect Universe for Christmas and it’s my favourite present-that-I’ve-read (I got The Last Unicorn as well but I’ve not read it yet.). So much EXCELLENT ART in there, it makes me happy.

  2. I took advantage of RightStuf’s holiday sale and picked up a bundle of Tohru Fujisawa’s GTO: 14 Days in Shonan from Vertical. For some reason I was hesitating to read it, but it’s just as much fun as the original series.

  3. KenshinGirl says

    I wasn’t expecting anything for Christmas, but a friend surprised me with a couple of volumes of Sakura Hime, which I read as soon as I unwrapped them. =P

  4. I went nuts at the Viz digital sale and bought up House of Five Leaves, Bakuman, and Rasetsu. I’d started reading House of Five Leaves when it was being serialized online, but I think it benefits from being read in large chunks.

  5. I took was taken in by Right Stuf’s sale and I bought the rest of Pluto that I was missing. I also got some volumes of Real from my brother, which I am very excited to read.

  6. since no one of my friends know my tastes on manga (cough because they are R-18) I gifted myself some of SuBLime’s manga; His Favorite Vol. 1, Awkward Silence Vol. 1 and Punch UP! vol. 2

    soon for my birthday my friend Vanessa said will gift me Natsume’s book of friends Vol. 1 & 2 (it’s not a secret present, tho) and as for self-gifts I ordered Kuroko no Basuke chopsticks at CD Japan~ ♥

  7. During one of the sales at RightStuf I treated myself to the full run of House of Five Leaves! I’ve watched the anime and so I’m excited to finally read the manga to see how the two compare! Usually I stick to shonen series, but House of Five Leaves was so fascinating an the unique art really made it stand out.

    Also I started a new series: Psyren!! Only one volume into it and I’m loving it! It has a driving plot and the characters don’t come across as “cookie cutter” shonen characters. That and the concept of being transported to a mysterious dystopian future is something I haven’t seen recently in shonen manga. I always enjoy a good action, adventure shonen series! Also got caught up on reading Blue Exorcist & Bakuman! Been buying the books, but finally had a chance to sit down and read them!

    My last manga gift to myself: a full run of the defunct Reborn! manga by Akira Amano! It’s soooooo good it’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner! At least now I own it and have read it.

    Those are my manga holiday gifts to myself.

    (,,^∇^,,) Thanks for the opportunity with holding this contest!!


  8. I got myself the Death note box set off of amazon which was 12 volumes for $60.00!

    I also bought the first volumes of Bakuman and Shaman King. Thank you.

  9. MoonYeollie says

    I always get my self a manga every christmas if im able to, so I can support the manga industry and also get a series that I’ve never read before.
    This year I bought TWO manga at my local barnes and noble, one being oreimo and the other blood blockade battlefront.

  10. Carolyn Thomas says

    Don’t enter me in the contest (as I have Go Comi’s 1 & 2, if you get an extra 3 though…), but oh yeah did I get manga for the holidays! And my birthday is on the 21st, so I got extra! And I need to brag!

    I treated (spoiled) myself to a complete set of Basara and it really is an epic and a half to say the least! Good stuff, really dense too.
    Heart of Thomas was also one that I had pre-ordered back in April, but became a late Xmas gift.
    Got the last two volumes of Kekkaishi! Been collecting it almost since it came out, it’s like the spines are a history of Viz shonen spines. I haven’t read any since 24, but yeah, I’m going to marathon read the hell out of that soon!

  11. I bought myself the entire three volume set of the MAdoka MAgica manga but my faveroute was the (as now untrnaslated) third Bleach chrarcter book that gives Ulquiorra’s back story and the fate of Tier Harribel and her Fraccion sure I can’t read it but I got and it’s mine what’s $30 for something this cool.

  12. I received some manga I’ve been wanting to buy for a while now. I got Fumi Yoshinaga’s All My Darling Daughters (which I liked so much I read the whole thing in one day), A Drunken Dream and Other Stories, and volumes 3-6 of Basara. I also grabbed a volume of Banana Fish. Needless to say, I was very happy with what I got.


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