Shojo Beat Giveaway – Ouran High School Host Club and Rasetsu Volumes 1 and 2

To support the upcoming Shojo Beat Manga Moveable Feast, I’ve decided to give away the first two volumes of two Shojo Beat series. You can win either Ouran High School Host Club 1 and 2 OR Rasetsu 1 and 2.

To win, leave a comment listing the series you pick: Ouran High School Host Club or Rasetsu.

If you want to win Ouran High School Host club, also include the names of three people you’d want in your Host Club!

If you want to win Rasetsu, also include what you would use as ghost-fighting fuel (Rasetsu uses cake to recharge)!

Contest will be open until next Sunday, September 9th!

(US entries only please)

Giveaway is now closed

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  1. I’d like to win Ouran High School Host Club. I loved the anime, but haven’t got around to reading the manga yet.

    As for the three people I would like in my host club; I’d pick Barack Obama and the princes William and Harry. I think my club would do quite well with that trio headlining.

  2. Ouran High School Host Club! The plot is humorous and intriguing, and I just adored the anime and drama. I’d do anything to get these two books!

    Host Club Members: Tom Hiddleson, Kim Jaejoong, and T.O.P!

  3. Considering I have all 18 volumes of Oruan, I’d like to throw my hat in for Rasetsu.
    It’d be a bit to easy to just say something caffeinated, so I guess I’d pick… ghostly ice cubes! I’d munch on them when I’d need to focus on my ghost-hunting mission.

  4. Christianna Reyes says

    Ouran High School Host Club!!! <3

    Host Club Members: Yuya Matsushita, G Dragon, Uehara Takuya 😀

  5. I’d really love to win Rasetsu because I’ve never read it. As for the ghost-hunting fuel I would bring along with me chocolate covered pretzels.

  6. Rasetsu for me – and for me, I think my ghost-hunting fuel would probably be homemade jam. Although, making jam would probably take up as much time as ghost-hunting!

  7. Gotta go for Ouran High School Host Club. ^_^

    Lessee… My three people would be:

    Sir Ian McKellen – Because…Awesome.
    Chris Hemsworth – Because…Thor.
    Wil Wheaton – Because…Geek

    And George Takei as a Special Guest Star. XD

  8. Let’s see, the 3 people that I would want in my host club:

    Dylan O’Brian, Tyler Hoechlin, and Colton Haynes (they’re all actors from Teen Wolf)

  9. I’d be interested in giving Rasetsu a try. ^_^

    As for my personal ghost-fighting fuel…I’ll fight spirits with spirits! A little bit of whiskey and I should be ready to face anything that comes my way.

  10. Ouran High School Host Club! I’m a weird old lady & I’d want Daniel Craig, Jon Hamm, and Jason Statham. (Though I wouldn’t mind throwing Hugh Laurie in there as an alternate! XD)

  11. I pick resetsu. Nothing helps you fill up. Faster then mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yummy

  12. Ouran HS Host club is my pick! Host Club Members: chris hemsworth, josh hutchinson, and the girl who plays katniss in the hunger games (lol i’m on an avengers/hunger games kick)

  13. I pick rasetsu. My fuel would be takis, there so hot it get me recharged and fighting right way.


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