Jmanga’s New Subscription model

I was happy to see that Jmanga announced their new subscription model today, where you have the option of paying for points as you go or a monthly subscription. I signed up for a monthly subscription shortly after the site was announced, but the volume of content for the types of manga I read wasn’t there for me at the time. Since then, Jmanga has been adding a bunch of new series, even though I do wish there were more multi-volume shoujo or josei series available. I’m much more likely to want to buy points on a pay as you go basis as opposed to the subscription model. It is nice to see Jmanga being so responsive. They generally have sales that brings the cost of selected titles down, and this new pricing model gives consumers a bunch more flexibility.

The first volume of Walkin’ Butterfly, a good josei series about an ugly duckling turned model is now available on Jmanga. This series was first published by Aurora.

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