Jmanga in Early June

I need to keep better track of what’s going on at Jmanga, because I was interested to see that they’re so far into their releases of many volumes of old Tokyopop titles.


Your and My SecretMy previous review of volume 1

Animal Academyvolume 1 review

Good Witch of the West

Of that group, I probably read more of Animal Academy, which was an amusing take on the whole magic boarding school genre. As to what I’m intested in reading next on the Jmanga platform, there’s still an Est Em title I haven’t sampled yet, Apartments of Calle Feliz. Mo’some Sting also looks potentially interesting. There are some more Harlequin titles available too. It looks like there’s a points back promotion on food manga good through tomorrow, so that’s worth checking out if you are a foodie.

What have you been reading on Jmanga lately? Any recommendations for me?

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