PR: Manly Takao Saito manga from Jmanga

Jmanga is running a promotion for testosterone-filled titles from Takao “Golgo 13” Saito. I reviewed Saito’s title The Larceny Log of Zampei the Cloud-Snatcher in my first post on Jmanga. Read on for the details!

100 Points Back on all Takao Saito Titles!!
Date: April 5th to 11th 2012
1. Purchase any title by Takao Saito and get 100 POINTS BACK per volume!!
2. Sign up for a paid subscription and get up to 4500 POINTS!!
About Takao Saito:
Takao Saito is a Japanese manga artist born in 1936. He debuted with his first manga “Baron Air” in 1955. He is best known for creating the internationally acclaimed series “Golgo 13”.

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