Manga Report Giveaway: Toradora Volume 1

It is spring, and I’m going to give away a volume of manga. This time it is Toradora Volume 1 from Seven Seas. Just leave a comment to win, giveaway will be open for one week!

And the winner according to is comment #5, from TWWK. Congrats!

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  1. ooh, I watched the first episode of the anime and it was pretty good. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  2. I’ve been curious about Toradora for a while now; I’d love the opportunity to give it a try. Thanks for running the giveaway!

  3. one of my favourites. loved the anime. glad that Seven Seas licensed it.

  4. This is an amazing series! Good luck to all trying to win~ ^_^

  5. I haven’t read the manga, but am eager, too. Toradora! is quite possibly my favorite anime.

    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Hurray for generous people!

  7. FurrySaint says

    Woot! I loved the anime, and would love to check out the manga. ^_^

  8. Betenoire says

    Nothing says spring is in the air like love and Palmtop Tigers. I’ll give entry a shot.

  9. Toradora is one of my favorite anime. I really wonder how much the story would be developed in its manga.

  10. Been meaning to check this out, hope I win!

  11. Ooh, I’ve been meaning to read this. Guess I will enter as well!

  12. Mike Zeidler says

    I’m always up for something new to read. Maybe this’ll be my gateway to manga.

  13. hanna namikaze says

    Oh my. . 🙂 toradora. . lol. 🙂 its one of my favorite romantic anime. . 🙂 woah. . .i miss taiga’s voice. . sometimes. . i remember kagura of gintama because of her. . 🙂 i miss ryuuji’s face too. especially his eyes like oga in beelzebub. .Delinquent people. . lol. . 🙂 hah. . 🙂

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