Detroit Metal City Volume 10

The final volume! I’ve missed a couple volumes leading up to the grand conclusion of Detroit Metal City, but since most volumes of DMC are fairly similar it was easy to get into the story. DMC is broken up, and there’s a new metal king in town, “Lord God.” Lord God is a wannabe male model who has taken to death metal instead, turning his catwalk posing into a stage move called the “God Walk.” Negishi has run off to Paris to indulge his dream of producing syrupy sweet romantic music, but it seems like the French hate his true self. He is resolutely ignored whenever he plays his music on the streets of Paris to the point where when he gets hit in the face with a raw egg, he responds with thanks for getting some sort of reaction from someone. The remaining members of DMC want to put on one final show, but will Negishi come back from Paris in time?

Of course, there is never any doubt that Lord Krauser will make a final appearance in the last volume of DMC and he makes his entrance in grand style, after sending along video of him systematically violating every single symbol of Paris he can find. Krauser and Lord God have an epic showdown, and Negishi’s attempt to show his other side to his love Aikawa goes just as well as one might expect. My main problem with Detroit Metal City is that it was never as funny and shocking as the first volume. Once the reader knows the set-up, the subsequent volumes were all very similar. Still, I’m glad that a series this gleefully profane was brought over here. I will certainly never be able to think the same way about the national monuments of many countries, after seeing what Lord Krauser did to them.

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