Tokyopop Giveaway Winner

According to, the winner of the Tokyopop Trio Giveaway is comment #9 from Alex Hoffman of Manga Widget. He wrote that he would miss the josei series Suppli the most, which is also one of the series that I’m going to miss.

Other unfinished series that are causing manga fans to mourn are listed below. I am starting to feel a little depressed again, but am taking comfort in the fact I am sharing the manga love by sending a package to Alex!

Maid Sama
Shinobi Life (me too!)
Your and My Secret (me too!)
Pet Shop of Horrors
Genju no Seiza
tactics (I have a few stray volumes of this, haven’t read it yet)
Aria (I think this is a candidate for a license rescue, as it does seem to have a devoted fanbase)
Demon Sacred (me too)
Trinity Blood
Wild Adapter
Togainu no Chi
Dot Hacks
Cyborg 009

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  1. Wow – thanks Anna! I’ve been meaning to get Clean Freak for a while now, so this is a welcome gift. 🙂

    Hopefully someone decides to save a few of these titles. TOKYOPOP had some good stuff in their catalog, and it would be a shame to not see these series finished in the US.

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