Tokyopop Trio Giveaway

I generally donate any review copies I decide not to keep to local libraries, but I figure as a last hurrah I will do a giveaway of spare copies of Tokyopop series:

Butterfly #1
Clean Freak: Fully Equipped #1
Pavane for a Dead Girl #1

Post a comment here listing the Tokyopop series you’ll miss most, and I’ll randomly select a winner next Tuesday.

Thanks for commenting, this giveaway is closed

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  1. The series I’ll probably miss the most will be Maid-sama. It’s one of the few shojos that I actually ended up liking; although you can find some shojo cliches, the presentation is quite fun. ^_^ It’s refreshing to see a female lead that can actually stand on her own two feet.

  2. The title I’ll miss the most? ‘Your and My Secret’ by Ai Morinaga. Why? Well, it was originally a rescued license from ADV comics (they only released the first volume) and when I found out that Tokyopop was licensing it, I was ecstatic and immediately bought the first volume again after Tokyopop released it (to show my support).

    Now, with Tokyopop closing, I doubt Y&MS will be finished and this also marks the FORTH time a series by Ai Morinaga has been dropped in the U.S. 🙁 (The only series I can think of by her that ran in its entirety was Strawberry-chan and that was 2 volumes long).

  3. Celeste M. says

    I’m going to miss Shinobi Life the most. I guess I’ll never get to see how it all ends. Sigh….

  4. The series I’m going to miss the most are the ones I’ve been missing for a while now: Pet Shop of Horrors, Genju no Seiza and tactics. I was really hoping for more Akino Matsuri, but I guess that’s not happening now. 🙁

  5. I’m most sad about Suppli, although I really wanted the last of Alice in the Country of Hearts too

  6. Aria.
    A beautifully-illustrated series that was a bigger success than Tokyopop had anticipated, yet was the victim of inconsistent scheduling, having only one new volume published a year (sometimes more or less). Yes, I’m aware this series was once handled by ADV Manga (who also never completed “Those Who Hunt Elves”, another one of my wishlist series), but I’m holding out hope that Yen Press rescues Aria (hey, it worked for Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&!).

  7. I’m going to to miss three titles, two novel series and two manga.

    Kino no Tabi is now forever lost, i still kept hoping that Tokyopop would announce they’d resolved the issues and were releasing the rest of the series. Also Twelve Kingdoms, of which i am a HUGE fan. I;ve got all four volumes twice, both paper back and hard back. Devestated we wont see this series continue.

    Manga wise, i’d already moved away from Tokyopop in a way. Every series i had been following was axed so i was reluctant to pick up new ones. That said i jumped all over Aria, and i’m devestated i wont see it finished. I hope Seven Seas do a license rescue on it. I’m also going to miss Elemental Gelade.

    Really hope we see some license rescues

  8. judi(togainunochi) says

    I have many, so many, I can’t pick just one. I got Demon Sacred #4 today, so I may wonder forever how it ends. I’ll just say, Trinity Blood, Wild Adapter, Saiyuki, Vassalord, Togainu no Chi, Zone-00…………………..

  9. I will probably miss Suppli the most. It was a fabulous series that should have gotten its full run long before this closing came to pass.

  10. I have many, many Tokyopop series that I will miss, but Pet Shop of Horrors is the one I’ll miss the most. Fortunately, I have a complete set of the original series, but the second series (Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors) is still ongoing. I’ll also mourn that another Matsuri Akino title, Genju no Seiza, will never come out of hiatus now.

  11. The Dot Hacks, Gundam ,Fake, Cyborg 009, Trinity Blood and so much more.

    I have a lovey little list that has just gone on a crash diet.

    I will post my rant on Levy-baka about the anger one has for cutting off parts of my Summer Shopping/ Reading plans.

    *A Pox on Levy-baka’s head from all the OEL authors you ripped off,and all the jobs you: underpaid, overwork,and sacked.*


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