Kamisama Kiss Winner

The winner of the giveaway according to random.org, is commenter #4, JRB. I hope you enjoy this cute manga!

I asked How would you force your hot fox-spirit familiar to bend to your will? in my Kamisama Kiss Giveaway and got many entertaining responses:

From Celeste:

I would find out what its weakness is (food, drink, comics…) and dangle it in front of them. If that doesn’t work then I’ll use blackmail, seems to work in some manga.


Puppy dog eyes. Very shoujo.


I’d probably just get it drunk on sake or whatever its preferred drink is. I feel like I see depictions of Japanese spirits drinking all the time so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.


Delicious food! (It works on me, anyway.) Of course, while I like my cooking the feeling isn’t universal. So, I would probably have to convince my housemates to make something for me first, ’cause they’re awesome when it comes to good food.


I would threaten to make him eat my cooking for a week because I happen to be a terrible cook.

From Manga Critic:

Flossies: no self-respecting canid can do without them! My dog looks positively stoned when she chews one, I doubt that a fox spirit could resist them, either. (It’s like catnip for dogs.) As an added bonus, the fox spirit would have greatly improved breath as well.

From Jacob:

Cold iron. Fair folk can’t stand that ol’ col’ iron.

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