Karakuri Odette: Tuesday update

Today’s reviews come from one person who is encountering the series for the first time and from someone who has been reading it all along.

Manga Xanadu takes a look at the first volume, concluding “Karakuri Odette has all the makings of a great series. It has a lead character that you quickly care about. Her friends are varied and genuine. The stories are enjoyable and show Odette’s emotional growth slowly and subtly, making it more believable. I’m glad I decided to read this series and will be looking for more volumes. It really deserves the praise it’s received.”

At A Case Suitable for Treatment there’s a review of volume five, noting the return of robot assassin turned high school student Chris, ”
As we see in this volume, however, Chris’s problems are uniquely his own. We get a side-story dealing with one of the other Chris-Assassin-Bombs, who is sent to Italy to kill a professor. Unfortunately, he finds that the Professor is already dead, leaving him without a purpose. He then finds one as he not only bonds with the Professor’s cute daughter, but discovers that her uncle, the professor’s brother, is far more knowledgeable about the “accidental” death than is really allowable. “

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