Why Karakuri Odette?

I’m looking forward to this week’s Manga Moveable Feast on Karakuri Odette. Even though the Manga Moveable Feast has been around for some time, this is the first title I’ve felt like putting forward for hosting.

One of the reasons why I like this manga so much is it takes a premise that might seem tired and makes it refreshing and charming. Odette is an android who wants to learn how to be more human, so her professor/father enrolls her at the local high school. Odette keenly observes human behavior, and wants to become more like a “real girl” despite the limitations of her android body. While Odette’s super-strength sometimes comes in handy, having to recharge her battery can be decidedly inconvenient. Odette’s quirky mannerisms make her initially seem odd to her classmates, but she soon makes friends. Her most unlikely friend is the sometime juvenile delinquent Asao, who sometimes functions as an unlikely object of Odette’s innocent affections and gradually grows into acting as a form of conscience for Odette when she doesn’t understand the human behavioral norms she wants to embody. Odette’s adventures often manage to be both funny and poignant as she learns more about the nature of human friendship.

In the hands of a less talented artist, Karikuri Odette wouldn’t be nearly as charming. Suzuki has developed a funny type of android body language for Odette. In the early volumes she often is drawn slightly stiff or off-kilter, but still with fluid enough poses that it is still believable that the other kids in her high school would think that she’s human. As the series progresses, Odette’s facial expressions become more and more emotional. Even though she might not be human, I think she’s getting close to her goal. I’m looking forward to reading what everybody thinks about this great series.

I’ll post daily links to the other blogs that are writing about this great series, and keep an archive of all posts on the Karakuri Odette page. If I’ve missed your post in a roundup, please let me know by contacting me or sending me a message on twitter.

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