Some Graphic Novel and Manga Bargains

One of my favorite places to shop for steeply discounted manga is For a long time they have mainly stocked older Tokyopop titles, but they’ve recently beefed up their selection of manhwa and manga.

There are many Yen Press titles stocked. One of my favorites is Goong, but you can often find many other titles. I think they recently started carrying First Second remainders, as there are a ton of graphic novels from that publisher now available. There are often scattered Del Rey Manga titles listed too, but it makes sense to search for those by series title, as they are often listed under the umbrella publisher Random House. Between all the manga and fiction titles, it won’t be too hard to hit the $35 required for free shipping. Just thought I’d pass it along in case you need to be thrifty about your holiday shopping.

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  1. Thanks For the tip – I found Christmas presents for myself and my grandchildren! Great fun shopping but hard to choose from all the good stuff.

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