Manga on Deck for December

Here’s the stack of manga that has made its way into my house recently, a combination of my usual monthly DCBS order, early holiday presents and some review copies:

I’m always excited to see a volume of Vagabond I haven’t read yet. I had no idea that the 4th volume of 12 Kingdoms was so big! I’m glad that Tokyopop continues to translate this title so people who were fans of the anime can get an idea of what the non-truncated story is like. I’m looking forward to trashy shoujo in Papillon and talking bears in Biomega. I’m finally getting around to reading Batman and the Mad Monk, because I do enjoy Matt Wagner’s superhero work sometimes. I was so excited when I saw a copy of Julietta Suzuki’s Kamisama Kiss. I am probably going to read that and Papillon first, because I am suddenly in the mood for some shoujo.

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