Shoujo Mega-Pack giveaway

I thought I’d celebrate moving into my new digs over here at Manga Report and do a manga giveaway. I’m going to give away to one reader:

A Tale of an Unknown Country #1
Nana #21
Butterflies, Flowers #4
Kobato #1

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite manga heroine. I’ll select a winner at random on Nov 11. You must be 18 to enter.

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  1. I haven’t really given much thought about this before…hrm.

    At a random pick from my bookshelf, I guess I’ll say Mina Tepes of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Badass loli vampire queen who has to deal with a hormonal werewolf guard and protect the interests of her island vampire nation. What’s not to like. =)

  2. Maekawa Ai from Doubt!!, I think. She has a simple goal at first – to fit in in high school – and she brings enough firepower to it to destroy a small nation. What I like best about her, though, is that she always respects herself. She’ll go pretty far, but she has her limits, and she doesn’t let anyone push her around.

  3. Definitely Noriko of From Far Away. She goes from being a normal girl in high school into some strange fantasy world and while she loses her cool from time to time, she is pretty strong overall. She realizes she doesn’t understand the language, so she forces herself to learn it. She realizes that she’s a big burden on her friend Izark, who first found her, and decides to get stronger and more independent so she can help him. She uses her inner strength to make people feel better when they are down all the time. She’s a lot like Tohru from Fruits Basket except a lot more strong-willed. She will take her enemies head-on to help Izark and her friends, even if it means she’ll just get the bad end of the stick. I think Noriko’s the most realistic manga character I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

  4. my favorite heroine is from a anime called Zero no Tsukaima and her name is Louise. she was terrible at Magic and was called Louise the zero and she one day she cast a familiar it was a person from Earth who later revealed that they have feelings for eachother whcih i loved because she constant beatings at first. at the close end of one the season she was a Void meaning she was powerful not weak.

  5. judi(togainunochi) says

    There are so many, but I am going with Kyoko of Skip Beat. I love her determination, her daffiness, and her desire to achieve. I love the way she continues to grow with every chapter.

  6. Because I would LOVE that copy of Kobato…..

    I absolutely love Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise (Yoshiki Nakamura). This is the number one title I desperately want licensed here in America. Tough, strong, independent, smart, cheerful, optimistic, ass kicking, beautiful, loyal, hard working, perceptive, AWESOME.

  7. I like Yuki from Vampire Knight. I think she is a very strong person to be able to handle some of the fights that happen in the manga. she is also a hard working person, trying to keep the day class from finding the night class secret. so, that’s way i think Yuki is a great heroine in the managa.

  8. And the winner of the giveaway according to, is comment #2! Congrats!

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