Rescue Manga poll results

I threw together a poll about manga on hiatus over on Manga Views and thought the results were interesting. I didn’t include every stalled manga series that I knew of because I was trying to represent a few different publishers. So it was interesting to see from the small section of the mangasphere that voted that the love for Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga remains so strong. I also had no idea how fervently people missed Nodame Cantible. I read the first few volumes of that series but lost steam a little bit. There were some good additions in the comments with votes for some horror and seinen manga, which tend to not be on my radar very much.

I miss many of the series listed on the poll, but I voted for Crown over Swan, just because Crown is so goofy, and I’m determined to just buy the rest of Swan in Japanese sometimes and at least enjoy the pretty pictures even if I can’t really tell what’s going on. Swan is one of those series that is so visual in its storytelling I think I’d enjoy reading it even in the absence of a translation.

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  1. You know, I forgot about it when I took the poll, but I wish CLAMP would finish X. It’s just crying out for an ending.

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