Saturday Morning Cartoon: Paradise Kiss Ending

Today’s Saturday morning cartoon is the ending credits for the Paradise Kiss anime, because more anime shows need to show their characters shaking their heinys:

I do love these whimsical credits and the shift in character design for the closing. Using a Franz Ferdinand song isn’t so bad either.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Princess Jellyfish

Today’s Saturday morning cartoon is the opening sequence of Princess Jellyfish, a new anime that Funimation just started streaming. The characters are shown reenacting scenes from classic movies like Star Wars, Mary Poppins, James Bond, and The Graduate.

Ordinarily I don’t automatically tend to go for stories about female otaku, but Princess Jellyfish is very cute. Tsukumi from the first moment her mother took her to visit an aquarium. She moves to Tokyo to become an illustrator and moves into a shared apartment house owned by a shut-in manga creator who only communicates through papers shoved through her door. “The Sisterhood” that lives in the house are all made up of female otaku. One loves trains, one loves Kimono, there’s a woman obsessed with martial arts and the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. When a beautiful woman helps Tsukumi take home a jellyfish that is being mistreated by an ignorant aquarium owner, Tsukumi discovers that her unwanted new friend is actually a cross dresser.

Here’s the Hulu Channel for the show. Two episodes have been posted so far.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: FLCL Ending

I decided to steal an idea from Bully and start a regular Saturday morning cartoon feature. To kick things off, let’s go back a few years and appreciate the gloriousness that is found in the ending credits to FFLCL. I saw this anime some time ago, so it is just a jumbled mess in my head of robots, vespas, aliens, and an inexplicable giant iron. One of the most memorable things about this show was the sound track, provided by The Pillows. I don’t think you can listen to “Ride On Shooting Star” and not feel a little bit happier by the end of the song.